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Quality glass engraving and trophy products

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Engraved Sports - Miscellaneous

Beautiful and sophisticated, our crystal glass trophies for sport are perfect for acknowledging the performances and achievements of the heroes on your sports team. These sports awards are ideal for presentation in a number of sports, whether that is ball sports, motorsports or any other.

Crystal glass trophies give more elegance and aesthetics than bog standard plastic and metal sporting awards, so they’re ideal as prestigious trophies. A beautifully handcrafted crystal glass trophies from Ferburn Engraving would take pride of place in any sports trophy cabinet, mantelpiece or office desk!

In addition, when you use our professional crystal and glass engraving service, you can craft a one-of-a-kind sporting award. Let us know what text you want to use, and we will adeptly engrave it on the award for you. This could be the name of the award, along with the award winner’s name and year, as well as a short message if required. We’ve also given you the ability to upload your club’s crest, emblem or motto in image format. The result is an elegant crystal glass trophy that’s specifically designed for your club.

So, what are you waiting for… browse and buy from our fantastic collection of crystal glass trophies at Ferburn Engraving.