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Quality glass engraving and trophy products

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Do you qualify for corporate discount?

Are you a Business, Government Department, School, College or Organisation?

It doesn't matter what your corporation is -  it could be Education, Government, Healthcare, Catering, Security Services, or a Charity.  If you are a business then you will receive a discount for all orders over £100.

We hope this enables you to keep costs to a manageable level.

                                                         £100+  =  5% discount

£250+  = 10% discount

£500+  = 15% discount

£1000+ = 20% discount

If you are to give an employee or customer an award then we realise it's important that the quality of that award and the quality of the engraving on the glassware have to be first class.

We also realise the importance of the correct layout, font and balance of artwork on your chosen piece.

We have produced awards and trophies for well known people in the media and entertainment business, Queen's Awards and sporting achievements.

Many businesses and schools like to give their employees and pupils awards for reaching a milestone or for a job well done.  Here are some examples - Employee of the Month, Congratulations on your Retirement, 10 Years Service, End of Term Award, etc.

Our engraved glass and crystal is also available in presentation boxes. These enhance the product considerably but are not expensive to buy, and most of our engraved glass and crystal comes with the presentation box included, and this is shown when you are viewing the product.

Rosebowls, Decanters, Glass Blocks and Suites of Wine Glasses are very popular as are Vases and Fruit Bowls.

Whatever piece you choose to give for whatever occasion, because the engraved glass has been personalised then the recipient is sure to treasure the award or gift. It also shows that the person or company presenting the engraved glassware cares enough about that employee to put some real thought into the gift.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and look forward to hearing from you in the future.