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Quality glass engraving and trophy products

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Are you a member of a club? 

Welcome to our club page where we offer large savings on our products.

It doesn't matter what your club is. It could be Golf, Curling, Snooker, Bowling, Darts, Sailing, Football, Hockey, Equestrian, Skiing, Swimming, Fencing, Pool, Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Running, Skating etc etc. If you are a club then you will receive discount for all orders over £100.

 We hope this will enable you to keep the costs of your club down to a manageable level.

                                                         £100+  =  5% discount

£250+  = 10% discount

£500+  = 15% discount

£1000+ = 20% discount

Glass engraving has become very popular for clubs and it is a relatively inexpensive way of awarding a club member an engraved glass as a trophy or award.

Some of the most popular gifts are Whisky Glasses, Decanters, Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Coasters, High Ball Tumblers, Paperweights and Photo Frames.

We often get feed back from the clubs who use our products. Over the years we have come to realise that the quality of the glass and the quality of the engraving are what sports clubs are looking for.

Our glasses can be engraved with any text you wish and in a font of your choosing. Artwork of your clubs logo can also be engraved. Most clubs like the glass to be personalised with their clubs logo, the name of the competition, with the name of the winner or winners and the date of the competition.

We can supply a free sample coaster engraved with your clubs logo, name of a competition and the winners name. This gives you the opportunity to show your committee and club members the quality of glass engraving that's available.

Some clubs like to keep to the same size of engraved glasses year after year. This gives the members time, and the incentive, to acquire a full set of glassware over the years of playing in competitions.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and look forward to dealing with you in the future.